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HIPAA Compliant Texting App's

  1. OhMD 

  2. TigerConnect  

  3. Providertech 

  4. Halo Health

  5. Spok

  6. Klara

  7. Celo

  8. Rocketchat

  9. Connecteam

  10. Weave

  11. Artera

  12. Updox

  13. Trillian

  14. Solutionreach

  15. Luma

  16. Symplr

  17. Doximity

All of the above are pretty fancy and do a lot more than just text but you have to call for a quote.

HIPAA Compliant Texting Blog explains more about the importance of HIPAA compliant communication with clients.


Here we won't belabor the point. For years and years (since smartphones were invented) clinical, legal, medical (licensed professionals bound by HIPAA and privacy laws) have struggled for a way to communicate with clients and peers in a way that protects the clients privacy.


Currently, professionals pay for a way to use apps that do that job. Also currently, clients will send us very long texts that could absolutely violate they're HIPAA. Although we as professionals share the risk with that, it's about convenience and so we carry on and don't talk about it or we have the client sign a communication release and hope that said release covers our liability. In reality, that document does not mitigate the professional's legal risk.


So, what's the answer?


Inside the BHealthy App. you can do multiple things, all HIPAA compliant (as in Fort Knox compliant!). Not only can you text but you can exchange journal entries, life plans, treatment plans, life contracts, notes, etc. all in real time.

Did I just say your cient can share journal entries with you through the app? Yes, I did. You can also send prompts, suggestions for treatment, etc. to the client, all in real time.

Does that mean the client has access to you 24/7? Yes and no. Your client can contact you and share information with you as much as they want but your boundaries stay the same. 

The other good news is that you can check in with client progress before the session so that you can have talking points on progress before they even enter into the session. Or, you can use the information to recap from the last session. 

Basically, there are multiple ways to use the app to now interact with the client as little or as often as necessary based on need. This also tracks quick texts, phone calls etc. for billing purposes.

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