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Behavioral Health & Addiction Recovery using alternative, non-traditional, peer reviewed, scientifically based research is our specialty. We strive to bring truth and alternatives to the field of mental health and work endlessly to end the addiction pandemic and the stigma tied to recovery from substances, behavioral addiction and mental health issues.

Our mission is to make recovery in all its forms accessible and affordable, in real time, wherever an individual is in the stages of change. Not Ready? We'll meet you there. Thinking about it? Us too. Wanna get started? Here we go! Contact us to see the exciting innovations we are bringing to the field. Namasté!

Addiction Recovery

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Step One

Recovery Map: How it works

  • Inpatient Detox (3-10 days depending on acuity)

  • Inpatient (28 days)

  • Partial Hospitalization: PHP (2 weeks, individuals get to go home in the evenings but attend 6 days a week, 3 hours a day)

  • Intensive Outpatient: IOP (6 weeks, attend 3 days a week, 3 hours a day)

  • Sober Living (average length of stay is 6 months, continued programming)

  • Outpatient Treatment: Independent Counseling (Varies)

Step Two

Path to Recovery Maintenance:

  • Go to Treatment

  • Get bloodwork after treatment (functional medicine is more thorough)

  • Get a medication plan

    • Suboxone should NOT be a long term plan!!!​

    • Get your blood work done for psychtropes that talk best to your DNA with Genesight, heres a link:

  • Find a support Group: (links)

  • Find a clinical Therapist. Heres a link: Psychology Today

  • Recover your physical body

    • diet

    • nutrition

    • exercise

    • rest

    • hydration

  • Get some plans in place:

    • Career

    • Life

    • Relapse prevention

    • Activities

    • Link to life planning

  • Map out the 8 Dimensions of wellness (things you can do instead of use)  

    • emotional​

    • physical

    • social

    • occupational

    • intellectual

    • financial

    • spiritual

    • environmental

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Johnny finally agrees that he has a problem and is willing to go to treatment so you contact all of the treatment facilities that take Johnnies insurance, hopefully you can get him in same day. SAME DAY IS CRITICAL! Johnny will change his mind fast. Also, expect one last very big party, this is normal. DON'T hate Johnny for not being able to quit before he goes to treatment, it's actually normal. Quitting can also be dangerous without some medical help.

Johnny goes into treatment and starts detox. Johnny decides he doesn't feel good and wants to leave. One of two things may happen...

  1. Johnny leaves AMA (against medical advice) 

  2. Johnny stays in treatment, attends groups, does the proverbial work and starts his discharge plan right away.

It's time for Johnny to step down from inpatient to outpatient partial hospitalization (PHP) or intensive outpatient (IOP). At this time Johnny can (should) also start seeing a private therapist.

The Levels of Care for treatment are:

  1. Detox (inpatient, highest level of care/ medical support)

  2. Inpatient (about a 28 day stay in a facility): Start the discharge plan NOW!!! Get things in place! 28 days is tomorrow!

  3. Partial Hospitalization ~PHP~outpatient daytime treatment, 4 hours a day, 6 days a week for 2 weeks

  4. Intensive Outpatient~ IOP~ outpatient treatment 3 hours a day, 3 days a week~ most popular because this is the one insurance wants to pay for.

  5. Outpatient Therapy~ Johnny is in therapy- make sure its someone trained in trauma and addiction. A specialist is not necessary, just a well trained therapist. Depeneding on if there is mental health, there might be more than one therapist. Also, not all therapists are rock stars. Make sure it's a good fit. Spilling your guts to someone is a big step, you want to like the person.

  6. Sober living~ may start at the PHP stage. 

  7. Support Groups & Peer Recovery Organizations.

  8. If Johny is feeling REALLY ambitious about his recovery, he can start the process of training to be a peer supporter and even get his license to start becoming a counselor. Look at the licensure page for the step by step process.

A note on insurance: FIGHT for your insurance benefits. It's frustrating but you have benefits so use them. When you call the facility ask for the sales rep- they know all the facilities in your area and can help get Johnny placed easier than you calling every number on the internet.


Don't let a facility talk you into paying out the nose for treatment. It will be costly for sure but you can get it down if you're tenacious and patient. Maybe have the conversation with a facility before Johnny is ready, get the ducks in a row and prepare beforehand.

After treatment comes maintenance ie, staying sober. Here's where we lose Johnny if we aren't careful. Johnny must work the plan and build his community. THE KEY TO SOBRIETY IS BUILDING CONNECTIONS. The more important a person's life building blocks are, the less likely they are to revert back to using. Staying motivated for sobriety is the hardest part. The brain has to rewire, the body has to find its normal again and its hard. Old habits die hard! listening to motivational videos every morning will help Johnny to stay on task. Videos can be found on Youtube.

VIDEOS on Youtube can play an important role in your sobriety. Therapists are all over Youtube sharing their expertise and education on all kinds of things that go wrong with humans. Whatever is happening in your head, Youtube it and get instant help. For instance, "I feel like i'm going to relapse"... youtube that exact sentence and boom, instant therapy.

Follow the steps laid out on this page. If you can do this on your own, awesome. Yay you!

On Medically treated detox: IF YOU START TO DETOX it's dangerous and you could die so get medical help right away. If you have to use because your going through withdrawal, use. Then plan to go to treatment. But before you do that, make a plan to quit. Don't just quit. 

Case Study

Step Three

REDUCE STRESS to avoid relapse and using dreams

Step Four

Relapse Prevention Plan

  1. Know your triggers & share them

  2. Know your relapse behaviors & share them

  3. Have a plan for cravings (coping skills)

  4. Map out your support system:

    1. Accountability partner​

    2. Call chain (3 people)

    3. Immediate emergency support person

  5. map out Support groups and times ​

  6. Have a list ready of 5 things you can do instead.

  7. Create a wellness toolbox

  8. Clean up your space

  9. Follow the maintenance recovery plan​​

On Psychedelics

Check out all the research and links for plant medicine and psychedelics below. 

Yes, psychedelics (ketamine, ayahuasca, psilocybin, MDMA, LSD, Ibogaine, etc.)

Research is showing good results for psychedelics being a possible (dare I say cure?) for addiction. I CANNOT GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE but as a specialist, i'm not doing my job if I don't tell you about this potential avenue for recovery. Contact OSU, they are doing studies on psilocybin currently (as of 12/2023). Here's the link: Center for psychedelic Research & Education.  There are several states psychedelics are already legal as of my writing this, it's legalizing all over the country like medical marijuana.


On marijuana, it helps with the anxiety but you can't smoke it forever or you risk killing brain cells. Try Shilajit for anxiety, found on amazon. Genius Mushrooms is also found on Amazon, they will help you get to feeling normal sooner than later too. There are no psychedelics in the genius, just good natural mushrooms. 


Contact a functional medicine doc and get blood work done. Its pricey but better to spend the money up front than years trying to manage western medicine. This is professional, experienced advice. I have to legally keep on telling you i'm not a medical doctor... 

Recovery begins at that exact moment when you are completely broken to pieces and must surrender to unfamiliar and uncomfortable ways in order to be rebuilt into who you were meant to be

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness Alternative Coping Strategies


  • Create a budget

  • Balance your budget

  • Plan for retirement

  • Balance spending

  • Invest: 401k, 529k, life ins, IRA, Mutual funds, etc.

  • Billpay- online

  • Track expenses and trim the fat

  • Get Utility Assistance from State

  • Spend only what you earn

  • Coupon

  • Buy on sale

  • Plant food

  • Use sales/ Discounts/ Clearence

  • Buy after season sales for next season

  • Shop Second Hand: auctions, yard sales, thrift stores, marketplace, consignment

  • Read about. finances

  • Be financially independent

  • Listen to podcasts

  • Read blogs

  • Read financial news

  • Take a personal finance class

  • Buy a home

  • Track your credit

  • Clean your credit

  • Use credit

  • Understand credit

  • Spend in cash

  • Know your tax breaks

  • Maintain good credit

  • Understand needs vs. wants

  • Dave Ramsey: Financial University

  • Tony Robbins: Money

  • Website:


  • Join a sober group

  • Join a club

  • Join a team sport

  • Start a group

  • Family time

  • plan family/ friend meals

  • go to the gym

  • Take a class

  • Camp

  • Hike in groups

  • Travel in groups

  • Volunteer

  • Join a social group

  • Go to dog parks

  • Join a book club

  • Go to book stores

  • people watch

  • Go to movies

  • Plan dinner dates

  • Go to sports events

  • Window shop

  • Go to a concert/festival

  • Sell stuff

  • Skate

  • Join the YMCA/ Community Rec.

  • Geo Cache/ Pokemon

  • Spend time with friends/ family

  • Go to an outdoor movie

  • Go to a drive in movie

  • Ghost hunt

  • Escape room

  • Attend FB Events

  • Go to massage schools

  • Meet up app.



  • Find a {home} support group

  • Read about your higher power

  • Sing & dance

  • Join groups

  • Attend church

  • Volunteer

  • Be or find a mentor

  • Meditate / pray

  • Garden

  • Yoga/ Reiki (energy work)

  • Breathwork

  • Aromatherapy

  • Choose a happy tribe

  • Eliminate stress

  • Eliminate stressful people

  • Get a pet

  • Music therapy

  • Mindfulness exercises

  • Guided meditation

  • Date yourself

  • Date your family

  • Spa/ mani/pedi

  • Go to a book store, park, hike

  • Self help books, podcasts, Social groups

  • Cook

  • Clean

  • Color

  • Acupuncture

  • Take a hot/ cold bath

  • Travel

  • Day trip

  • Hang out with a friend

  • Go to the pet store 

  • Get near water

  • Read a spiritual book

  • Watch a happy movie

  • Cry

  • Scream

  • Laugh

  • Put a cold rag on your chest or back of neck

  • Alternate nose breathing

  • Scream into your hands

  • Volunteer

  • Hug 5 times a day for 5 seconds

  • Pet therapy

  • Have sex

  • Read

  • Kiss

  • Vent to a trusted friend

  • Blog/ Journal

  • Get therapy

  • Check bloodwork

  • Take medication/ supplements

  • Sing

  • Dance

  • Manage your diet

  • Don't eat sugar

  • Exercise

  • Sleep well

  • Socialize

  • Take a bath/ shower

  • Art therapy

  • Color

  • Walk your pet

  • Travel

  • Move your room around

  • Redecorate

  • Fen Shui

  • Volunteer

  • Yoga/ Reiki

  • Turn off trash media, news, music, TV!


  • Get a job

  • Find an occupation you LOVE

  • Take a class

  • Improve work skills

  • Network

  • Support/ peer lunch

  • Mindfulness walk

  • Journal future plans

  • Keep a calendar

  • Keep a career journal

  • Lunch and learn

  • Read about your industry

  • Find support peers

  • Get or be a mentor

  • Be unique/ in demand

  • Find a way to like your job/ peers

  • QUIT the job you hate!

  • Contribute to your retirement

  • Choose a job with benefits

  • Choose a job that supports your life

  • Invest in future skills

  • Go back to school

  • Learn a trade

  • Invest

  • Continuing education

  • Stay on job sites

  • Ask friends for referrals

  • Keep your resume fresh

  • Find a career coach

  • Go to your college career services

  • Update your linkedIn

  • Join career network groups

  • Say yes to every new opportunity

  • Ask for a raise

  • Work hard & be on time


  • Volunteer

  • Clean your space

  • Feng Shui

  • Purge

  • Garden or landscape

  • Recycle

  • Have a rain storage

  • Compost

  • Have a meditation space

  • Have a dreamy bedroom

  • Paint the walls

  • Clean your linens

  • Buy new linens

  • Buy new/used furniture

  • Use white noise/ fan/ sound machine

  • Clean your car/ garage

  • Hang photos

  • Put affirmations in places around your house

  • Set reminders 

  • Live in a safe neighborhood

  • Live in a safe home

  • Live with a safe partner

  • Love yourself

  • Enjoy a candlelight bath with music

  • Get rid of toxic people

  • Stay out of toxic places

  • Love toxic family from a distance

  • Don't drink or use drugs

  • Don't gamble or use porn

  • Build a home gym

  • Vacation/ travel

  • Be inclusive



  • Exercise

  • Move your body 15 mins a day

  • Track steps

  • Walk/ Run

  • Yoga

  • Get good rest

  • Eat a balanced/ healthy diet

  • Get regular check ups

  • Bathe

  • Brush teeth

  • Get regular dental check ups

  • Take meds/ supplements as Rx'd

  • Live sober

  • Volunteer

  • Teach/ learn

  • Join a gym

  • Build a gym

  • Join a fitness group

  • Play a sport

  • Hike

  • Swim

  • Kick box

  • kayak/ canoe

  • Boat

  • Fish

  • Box

  • Martial arts

  • Parks n Rec

  • Walk a dog

  • Beach/pool

  • Golf

  • Frisbee golf

  • Paddle ball

  • Meditate

  • Energy work

  • Volunteer

  • Raed

  • Join a book club

  • Take a class

  • Go back to school

  • Go to trade school

  • Take a college course

  • Udemy

  • Watch documentaries

  • Go to a trade conference

  • Go to a local seminar

  • Teach

  • Go to a. museum

  • Go to the library

  • join your libraries audio book club

  • Learn a language

  • do a craft

  • Find a new hobby

  • Change a bad habit

  • Mentor

  • Join the Chamber of Commerce

  • Do brain games

  • Do a crossword

  • Compete online

  • Play board games

  • Color

  • Do art

  • Play music

  • Listen to music

  • Make a playlist

  • Meditate

  • Journal

  • Become an exchange family

  • Download a new app

  • Foster kids

The Science of Sleep: Sleep Foundation Link

  • Lavender Incense

  • Sleep journaling

  • Sleep Schedule

  • Side sleep

  • Snuggle

  • Orgasm

  • Melatonin

  • Noise machine / fan

  • Read

  • Make tomorrows to-do list

  • Journal

  • Cool Temps

  • Clean Linens 

  • Clean space

  • Loving partner

  • Don't nap 

  • Don't fight

  • Meditate/ pray

  • 4-7-8 Breathing

  • ASMR

  • Brown Noise

  • Binaural Beats

  • Eat right

  • Exercise

  • Destress

  • Limit alcohol

  • Limit. caffeine


Support Groups

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Psych Today.webp
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Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 8.43.31 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 8.41.11 PM.png
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Don't Forget Smartphone Apps and
Social media Recovery Groups


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Family Kayaking

Families In Recovery

Group Hug

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Law Office

Recovery Advocacy

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