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Beehive Game: Journey to Feywell
Self Guided App
Coming Soon!

The Beehive expedition serves as an inspiring and motivational feature within the BHealthy application, aiding users in maintaining motivation to navigate treatment plans, life goals, and the establishment of a revitalized recovery community.

In the mystical realm of Feywell, fairies and goblins, witches and wizards, kings and queens engage in a fierce competition for dominion over the land. Amidst the struggle for power and the well-being of Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the universe, a formidable alliance of killer bees, an army of ants, and, of course, carpenter and honey bees emerge to aid in the reconstruction of communities that have endured the destructive actions of egotistical, power hungry Earth beings. 

Every participant is enlisted in the battle to safeguard Mother Earth. Players have the opportunity to earn status, forge powerful armies, cultivate land and communities, or opt for peaceful harmony within their collaborative communities. The gameplay is flexible, allowing each player to pursue their desires. The overarching aim is to provide individuals with an enjoyable space for relaxation, community engagement, forging new friendships, and simply having fun, all while actively contributing to the enhancement of life, emotional well-being, and managing personal challenges that may arise.

Journey to Feywell will be coming to you Summer of 2025!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates while we're under development!

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