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Finding Supervision

What is Clinical Supervision

Getting Started in Clinical Supervision

Looking for Clinical Supervision?
BHealthy offers Clinical Supervision every Friday in a group setting from 9-11am. Cost is $25 per person. If you re interested in Supervision, please contact Virginia at (614) 352-6807.
Please be sure to pick up the Supervision Workbook on Amazon, come prepared to learn a lot and have some fun!

Sample Supervision Form

Social Work Training Supervision Log  


Date:                     Time:                                Length of supervision: 


Type of supervision: Individual or Group: 




Practitioners Name: 

License No: 


Supervisors Name: 

License No: 


I. Goals of Supervision: 


II. Content of Supervision: 

A. Competencies:  



B. Knowledge and practice behaviors specific to concentration:  


III. Supervisor’s Note (feedback to practitioner): 



Goals of Supervision:   

A. To learn the skills necessary to be a competent clinical social worker   

B. To obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the mental health levels of care 

C. To gain a better understand of appropriate evidence based interventions for clients receiving  outpatient mental health services  


Content of Supervision:  

A. Competencies:  

• Identify as a professional social worker and conduct oneself accordingly.  

• Engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate with individuals, families, groups  


B. Knowledge and practice behaviors specific to Licensure/ Certification 

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