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Looking for a way to Jumpstart your private practice?


Our Ideas, Your Name

  • Do you have the freedom to run your business independently? Yes.

  • Can you partner with fellow practitioners to host events and provide services? Absolutely we love a good collaboration!

  • Does The Columbus Wellness Center provide assistance with advertising and marketing? Yes, our marketing  can design ads, and you handle the marketing and service sales. Ad costs: $50 small, $75 large

  • Can I receive referrals from other providers? That's the objective!

  • Am I accountable for growing my client base? Yes, you're in charge of your own successful pipeline :) However, we're here to support you as well!

  • BHealthy Practitioners are 1099. The Columbus Holistic Wellness Center Practitioners are Rental opportunities,

Session Rates Clinical Therapy: Average $90/hr.

Contact Us:

Clinical Health Practitioners Contact Virginia Clagg or (614) 352-6807 (text)

Holistic Health practitioners Contact Jay Hollingshed:

(833) 432-5371 or

Contact Us

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We accept most major insurances and medicaid exchanges. 

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Planning For Success

Empower Growth

Starting your Small Business               

  • Decide between for profit or non-profit
  • Choose a business name
  • Register your name with Secretary of State
  • File for Non-profit status (optional)
  • Register for an EIN with the
  • Start a Bank Account 
  • Create pay links (Ivy Pay for Clinical)
  • Create social media pages
  • Create a domain name for a website & Build your site
  • Create a business email address 
  • Create business cards & marketing
  • Create your Google profile
  • Identify your target market and map it out
  • Go sell your "widget" (business)
  • Keep 30% of sales back for taxes (file quarterly)

Starting your Clinical Private Practice    

  • Do everything in Box above
  • Order liability Insurance
  • Set up CAQH
  • Set up your NPI
  • Set up your medicaid #
  • Set up Psych Today profile
  • Get Credentialed with the insurance companies
  • Contact a biller (optional)
  • Set up your EHR
  • Set up Telehealth
  • Choose a logo
  • Choose a color pallet
  • Get a photo of yourself done
  • Decide how people will contact you
    • Phone​
    • Fax
    • Email
    • PO Box
    • Mail address vs.Business Address

Branding (how the market sees you)      

Empower You

Marketing (the Story you tell)                           

  • Map out content (your story) (Chat GPT)
  • Choose work days and times
  • Add branding & content to:
    • Website​
    • Social Media
      • page​
      • group
    • Google (Search engines)
    • Hand Out Materials
  • Print hand out media​
  • Plan to continuously update media images, styles & how you market (or risk getting stale )

Sales (finding paying customers)                      

  • Create a home office space
  • Find a rental location (optional)
  • Buy a calendar
  • Identify your target market (who wants what you have and where are they?)
  • Identify trade shows, festivals, events you'll attend annually- add to calendar
  • Identify Days you'll sell, add to calendar
  • Identify days you'll deliver services, add to calendar
  • Map out your sales territory (whats around you? Locations your customers will be?)
  • Identify sales goals
    • How much $$ do you want to make
    • How many businesses you'll market to per day
    • How many new sales leads you'll contact each week?
    • How much new/old business should be in your pipeline each week?
  • Commit to failing first​
  • Learn from what doesn't work
  • Repeat what does work!
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