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Diagnostic & Statistical Manual
American Society of Addiction Medicine

Diagnosing might be one of the scariest things you can do when you first start out but it doesn't have to be that tricky. The good news is, you have help. The DSM is the clinicians bible. Choosing the right diagnoses using the manual or online resources makes diagnosing a bit easier.


On dual Diagnoses... some folks have two. Whatever is the most prominent disorder presenting is the primary, the other less prominent diagnoses becomes the secondary. This becomes important in who is allowed to treat the client. Chemical dependency counselors can only treat folks with a primary Dx of Chemical Dependency. 

The ASAM Criteria manual is another great resource and helps the world of medicaid decide what level of care an individual needs, including how insurance can be billed.


Levels of Care is a step down process. Below is what to expect when you decide to go into addiction treatment. Below are average lengths of stay and depending on acuity, they could be shorter or longer. You are able to start outpatient therapy as soon as you are discharged from Inpatient and that is our recommendation. One on one therapy helps get you started on unpacking trauma sooner than later which increases your chances of staying in recovery longer.

  • Detox (highest level): 3-15 days depending on severity

  • Inpatient: 1-90 days

  • Partial Hospitalization: 1-20 Days

  • Intensive Outpatient: 3 months

  • Outpatient: 

    • Therapy​ Ongoing

    • Sober Living: 1-12 mos.

    • Peer Support: Ongoing

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