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Clinical Health


BHealthy For Life
Self Guided 
Behavioral Health App.

  • Clinicain Portal

  • Client Portal

  • Self Help App

  • On Demand Life Coach

  • On Demand Clinical Therapy

Take advantage of the BHealthy for Life app as a self-directed user for just $19.99 per month. BHealthy For Life caters to individuals who haven't yet established a connection with a behavioral health expert, providing a self-assist alternative with features such as education, journaling, wellness resources, research, and more.


BHealthy For Life
Therapy | Life Coaching On Demand

  • Access to BH App

  • 120 Minutes a month of on demand coaching | Therapy

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Make the most of the BHealthy for Life app as a self-guided user for only $160 per month, including On Demand Life Coaching. The BHealthy For Life App serves individuals who may not be covered by insurance or who require an out-of-network, out-of-pocket choice.

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