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Practice Manager

When and if you choose to go into private practice, there are some things you should be prepared to do. Below we gift to you a starter list. To purchase a business plan model or sample Policy manual, click the links below.


The most important thing  during this part of your journey is to keep good files, stay organized and have the right tools and office products from computers to desks, good lighting,  EHR Software, etc. All of it matters. We also have Life Coaches on Board, contact us for one on one support. 

Senior Businesswoman

Mapping Your Business

  • Develop a budget

  • Choose a name and file it with the secretary of state

  • Apply for a Tax ID number (ein)

  • Set up phone/fax/domain name/email

  • Design a logo, branding colors, & website

  • File for non-profit status (if you are going into NP)

  • Create social media accounts

  • Start your credentialing process

    • Set up CAQH, NPI's, Medicaid number​

    • Decide your fee's and post them on site

  • Identify a billing company

  • Identify an EHR

  • Draft your policy & Practice Forms

  • Start your state certification

  • Find a location to practice (telehealth and/or space rental)

  • Identify your target market 

  • Create Sales lists

  • Order marketing

  • Set up Psych Today account

  • Move into your office space

  • Open a business bank account

  • Hire a CPA/ download quickbooks

  • Start Practicing

Business Plan
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